Thoughts……..with a couple upcoming projects, I am planning to use this space to expound upon a few ideas, share some furniture, introduce research interests and practice my writing. Once it’s up and running, I expect to post every week or so.

The benefit here is that few people are currently reading. I can share, practice, improve and progress in relative anonymity. It’s good to get started and move forward. Hoping to get this blog started hasn’t lead to any writing or to the creation of this website for that matter. I have been waiting for 6 months or longer- waiting for creative inspiration to strike and the words to flow forth. They are not coming in the inspired rush, so I will try a more disciplined and focused approach. This is the start of that effort.

Public writing is also slightly terrifying. I’m comfortable with my private thoughts and misspellings, and prefer to keep them to myself. Why put them out into the wwweb? Because keeping them to myself doesn’t contribute anything. I will write here when I think I have something worth sharing – sometimes it will be more frequent, sometimes it will be a little quiet.

Thanks for reading along.

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