more about hickory bark

I recently visited Covington, KY for a Lie Nielsen handtool event held at Lost Art Press. For some unexplainable reason, I figured it’d be fun to demonstrate seat weaving on a small stool for a group of tool event attendees. Not that weaving is upleasant or unworthy of demonstrating, it’s simply that it can take a while to get a good weave (at least for me) – especially if the bark has knots or other issues that need addressed. I wasn’t as confident in completely weaving a seat in a short period of time with an audience. The last seat took two hours to weave (the weave from the previous post). I was fearful that boredom might set in at that rate.

The freshly woven bottom from the tool event.

A quick breakdown of how I went at the bottoming at the event:

  • tacked the starting edge of the bark roll twice against the side rail
  • began wrapping the warp (front to back) around the front and back rails – with the smooth, tree side of the bark to the inside
  • notched and joined pieces on the underside when the bark had knots or voids
  • pulled the warp tight at every opportunity to keep weave tight
  • at the end of the warp, on the underside, tuck bark around leg and begin the weft (see image)
  • herringbone pattern – a simple, repeating pattern after four rows. Essentially under two, then over two, with the leading edge changing each time
  • same pattern on the underside
  • kept each weft row tight to the previous row – to keep the gaps to a minimum upon drying
  • finished by weaving the lead edge into the seat on the underside – no tying required

Forty-five minutes. That’s what it took. And no blood – that’s atypical for me but nice when working in front of a crowd.

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